food is life

“they’re in the train, talking about food. nothing else. and proudly she says : food is life. without any hesitation or fear of what the other two  would say. no fear that they will look at her body first before confirming her sentence.”

this is a story about a woman who grew & still is.

society, media, medical staff, strangers on the streets took the right to discriminate , hate and comment on her body. 

no daily representation , only hateful and shameful stigma. every piece of food was filled with judgy eyes, movement was never enough, no one thought about her while creating fashion. movies made without a happy ending for her body. transformation was the only way shown. 

the tricky game where the victim is  blamed in a structured discriminatory society.

she grew older, hated her body, believed everything that was said, tried to cover her body and to overhear all those hateful words on the streets. 

she asked herself   “what if I start liking what I get to see in the mirror for the rest of my life?” 

the system’s roots  didn’t change but she acknowledged that she wasn’t the not functioning part, it’s still the system which propagates those pictures and discrimination.

she started feeling her body ,working with it, breathing with it, dancing with it, celebrating the wonders and eating whatever she likes. she regained her power over herself again.

surrounded by empowering and nourishing words who will put her back in perspective when days without hope and love arrive. 

She started doing that and still does, every single day. Finding her circle, redefining herself, changing colours and shapes because of the purest intention :

 To be kind to herself for herself. 

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