morning light

I’m breathing in the sun that touches my skin, breathing out the tension. it is one of those mornings where life feels light as a feather.
I’m breathing in the sweet smell of nostalgia , breathing out the heavy chest of mine. 
the suiting light, that sprinkles everything golden and gives it a sense of luxury. 
the blanket touches the cold skin, giving the warmth back. 
Standing up feels easy, nothing is holding me back. opening the window, letting the fresh breeze  inside a room full of dreams to carry them away to make space for new ones. 
standing, seeing the city getting busy and crowded. so many of them with their own stories, struggles, pains and thoughts.  walking faster, driving intensively with a goal. 
I’m here.  safe with myself. protecting, nourishing my soul and keeping away from everything. 
the coffee smells fresher and more needed this morning. it tastes like the missing piece. 
The air is fresh and freezing, I feel my body, looking how the air that I breath out disappears with the busy city. My feet are touching the ground, completely stable and sure. My body feels centered and right where it belongs, balanced between mind and body. Nothing more needed than this moment of peace, clarity and freedom.

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