Balkan Art Scene

Hana Tiro, Founder of Balkan Art Scene – Rising Artists Are Often Neglected and Left Without Support

Balkan Art Scene ( website and artist community was founded in November 2020, located in Sarajevo. Founder Hana Tiro describes that goal is to make the arts more accessible to the English-speaking audience, so that language can be less of a barrier for promotion of artists.

Balkan Art Scene is a website which publishes news and interviews about Balkan artists, their artwork, and projects. It works in three categories – News, Artists, Retrospective. News category is focused on latest updates about certain art projects, festivals, concerts, performances, etc. Artist is a category focused on presenting a certain artists and their artwork and Retrospective shows a retrospect of a certain event.

„I designed the BAS logo, and although I’m pretty far from graphic design, I decided this would make the whole project more genuine. The grey color should represent Balkan Art Scene as a neutral field. Grey is a combination of white and black, white symbolizing light and black the combination of all colors, therefor grey is both – all and nothing, exactly what BAS is – place where all voices can be heard. The aim is not to take up space, but to free up space for rising artists“, says founder Hana Tiro.

Hana highlights that there is no grand plan or grand scheme in regards to future of Balkan Art Scene, it will develop easily, in its own way. I want the artists and collaborations to create aim and purpose for Balkan Art Scene, that’s the main reason why BAS exists – for the artists and their audience.

Balkan Art Scene is far from sensationalist media, or click-through rates, or anything like that. BAS is here to let the rising artists get their turn, to let them say what they want to say, and show the way they want to show it.

Prime aim of the website and community is for underground Balkan artists. But BAS is not too far from established performers, and lets the news and interviews circulate as they naturally do. 

„There is a certain energy in Balkans, a collective consciousness which is specific to us only, and I think the world should know about it“, says Hana Tiro.

Balkan Art Scene already has near 4000 followers and members on social media and Facebook community, which just keeps growing.

The doors of Balkan Art Scene are always open, and feel free to send your material and/or ideas at

Contact BAS also on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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