andrea vidović

Welcome to position.human & to this little big planet of art,words, emotions & love. My name is Andrea Vidović. I founded this page to take up space & to create space for others.I truly believe that society can only exist when it’s looked at in an intersectional way. Passing the mic, giving up space for those who should speak for themselves. 
And this is position.human, because representation matters and so do you. 

Some words about myself. I am 30, currently in Malta , based in Berlin. I was born in the beautiful country of Bosnia and Herzegowina. 
In ‘93 my family & I arrived in Germany as war refugees. A huge part of my art is reflecting on this time of my life, space, identity, bodies & love. I need my art to scream & heal. This page made me realise that I don’t want to feel alienated , that I belong here. That my language belongs here. That my words belong here. That my queerness belongs here.That my fatness belongs here.And always will. 

I am a neurological physiotherapist and currently studying culture- and social science. Realising that the academic world isn’t for me. 
I love my plants. the sea , hiking, festivals & music but I suck at being a DJ. 
I make a really yummy Baklava & need to give film critics another try & always in search of old Yugoslavian vinyl. My personal Instagram page @andreeavido is mostly about peaceful moments that I capture & music that brings me joy. 🌷
I am happy that you’re here. Thank you. So very much.