thank you for asking

i’ve been doing fine lately.
what an awkward word.
 it is neither good nor bad,
nothing spectacular
or significant. 

even when everything is hazy
i feel just fine.entirely average. 
just enough  
not to be deprived,
but not enough 
  to feel whole.

why am i always missing a piece?
i feel empty 
  but not enough to feel sorry for myself,
i feel fulfilled
but not enough to feel content with it.

it is a shame, really
when someone tells you they are doing fine. 
emotions hold no power or meaning
 almost as if they weren’t their own–
scarcely hovering in an unfamiliar pattern
as they try to reach for them;
the hand never long enough,
fingers not fast enough. 

so thank you for asking. 
i’ve been doing fine lately
and i hope it passes. 

Mia Pavković

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